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How To Be A Highly Paid Website Building Mama (From Your Sofa Or kitchen Table) Even If You Have Zero Tech Skills! 

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The Three Secrets That Helped Me Replace My Income, Working Part-Time, While My Baby Was Napping
There are hundreds of entrepreneurs and individuals who desperately need your web design services. 

They want you to do this work for them!
All you need is a Computer and a Wifi Connection to Build a Stunning Website That Your Clients will LOVE. 

It's so simple your kids could probably do it. 
With just a few clients and a few hours per day, you can out-earn your 9-5 working friends.

I know Because I do it every month. 
My photography has been featured in National publications like Entertainment Weekly, The Chicago Tribune, Vice, The Washington Post and More.

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Eve Overland t
"Working with Julie has been one of the best investments I have made personally and professionally. With her guidance, creative approach and actionable steps, my business grew exponentially in a short amount of time. Julie makes you think outside the box. She is a great person to have in your corner to bounce ideas off of and help you brainstorm if you feel stuck… Her experience and professionalism make you feel confident to be your best and empowered to live a big life…Julie goes above and beyond."

Eve Overland
“Julie not only has an energetic, committed passion for her work, but also extends that passion to lifting up other women. She is easy to work with, innovative, and always a pro.”

Novi Scott
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